Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Her name is … what?

Some of you will remember my post about
Aston mishearing the words to a song

Well his younger brother and sister are following in his footsteps.

I loaded Brice and Cassy in the car yesterday and had this conversation:

Cassy: Mom can you play the song about the girl?

Me: No children’s music in this car

Cassy: It’s a radio song. About ‘love me – love me’ and then they say the girls name

Me: (wondering if she really thinks I have radio superpowers)

Brice: Oh, I know that song. Her name is Paparazzi.

Me: ?!

Cassy: Right. Papa-papa – rat- zi!

Brice: But it’s a boys name. They say, “I’ll follow HIM until HE loves me. Paparazzi.”

Cassy: I’m going to name my girl Paparazzi

Me: ?!

Brice: It's a boys name

Cassy: And my boy Pokerface

So, dear blog readers, if we ever meet in the future I may one day introduce you to my grandkids – Paparazzi and Pokerface!


  1. We have the same rule, kids music at home but not in the car so for now she doens't know there is a possibility of it. I had mommy sing go sana, I didn't get it but after awhile she said "put a bandaid on my knee" slowly I got it "oh Susanna"

  2. Wow. Lady Gaga is probably going to be president at this rate.

  3. Your grandchildren will be the only ones with those names in their classes, or not! :)

    My Youngest wants a pet giraffe. Seriously.


  4. Well, your grandchildrens' names will be unique! My BIL once told my mom he was going to name a son, if he had one, Brick. I think he was pulling my mom's leg. He now has two sons and no Bricks.

  5. That is a great story! I'm sure you were shocked, but it was so innocent and kind of cute. As of late, I had to start watching what I listen to around my 3-year-old too, she picks up everything even when I've barely heard it.

  6. That last line made me laugh! haha!

  7. OH ! Love it! Maybe they will be twins!

  8. That is so cute... My youngest's middle name is Alfred - after his grandfather who passed away 3 weeks before I got pregnant. But he thought his name was "Elephant", so his nickname for the longest time was Alexander Elephant...