Friday, October 2, 2009

Free FUN

These difficult financial times suck for I’ve come up with a list of 10 free ways to have fun.

Give some a try & please add your own ideas in the comment section for others. Let’s all save more money and have more FUN!

1. Go for a walk
2. Play a board game – you still have board games, don’t you?
3. Eat outside – you’re going to eat anyway --- go outside in the yard, balcony or bring everything to a park
4. Go to the park – swing on the swings, slide down the slide, play tag
5. Got dirt? Water? Have a mud fight. Yeah, really. I dare you!
6. Pull out those old CDs, pin drives, (photo albums if you’re that old) and look at pictures together
7. Massage
8. Stare at the stars, wake up in the middle of the night and go to a window or go outside and just enjoy the universe
9. Cook together – make a great meal and share it by feeding each other
10. Go on a long drive together (okay, not free given the cost of gas, so I’ll add another one to my list) but drive somewhere without being in a hurry, take time to talk, look around, make-out in the car. Ahhhh… making out in a car, how long has that been?
11. Talk. Turn off everything – TV, computers, cell phones, etc…, turn out the lights, light a candle and just talk. Share happy memories from childhood. What did you love when you were a kid that you wish you did more of? Can you find a way to incorporate it into your adult world?

When I was a kid, I LOVED to climb trees. I lived in trees during the summer. Up in a tree away from the world, I'd read books, draw, sing and, of course, spy on everyone down below. Trees were my perfect place to be. I've climbed trees with all three of my kids throughout the years, but I don't think William and I have ever scaled a tree togehter. Maybe we should try that for our free fun!!


  1. I love them all except for #5. Not happening! Never! I actually gasped at the thought! I don't care if you dared me! :)

    Happy weekend and hugs!!

  2. Now that the weather has changed for us (it stays hot here for SOOOO many months), we can get out again...thanks for the made me realize there are many ways to entertain, educate and just plain have good ole family fun!

  3. Love them all, I think it is about time our family got out the card table and did another puzzle.
    Thanks for the reminder

  4. I would like to give you an award. In fact, too late. I've already done it. Pop on by if you'd like to view/accept it.

  5. Read? Who doesnt have their favorite book that they read 5 years ago. Read it again. Why not?

  6. I love board games!

    One of my favorite things to do is swing at the park!

    I recently found my old elementary school funny!! I had a blast looking back at old friends and telling my hubby stories!

    Great post.

  7. I absolutely ADORE your list. I sometimes pick up my husband from work. He works in our city's downtown. I'm about 20 minutes away via expressway. When he gets in the car, we talk and laugh and exchange work stories and touches, special touches that say I missed you and love you. It's great to have this alone time.

  8. GreenEyedMomster - I was going to post a clean alternative to #5 - water fight?

    Sara - thank you!

    BellaDaddy, VodkaLogic, suprised mom, cathy -glad you all have fun stuff planned

    yes OTIN - I did!!!

    Chris, how could I have left reading off my list? One of my favorite things to do. Yes, READ!

  9. Thanks for visitng my blog and commenting. Great ideas for FREE fun! We all seem to forgot the simple things in life.

  10. All super ideas! I already partake in some (walks, long drives), but I'm gonna partake in some more of this fun...mud fight, anyone?

  11. I remember how much fun just throwing rocks in the creek was... that would still be free - unless they've figured out how to tax it by now.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  12. Right throwing rocks in the water! Skipping stones. Kicking a can down the street.

  13. Love them all they are great ideas!!

    The electricity was out last night for a few hours so me and Grotbag (my 4 year old) sat by candle light talking and I read him a book by candle light. He loved it and when the lights came on he blew the candles out pretending it was his birthday!!!

  14. Sorry I'm so late, but catching up with blog reading. I really liked your list it's simple and free. What more can you ask for?