Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sink S3X

I received a couple of emails after the last post about sink sex.

It’s basically just a variation on up-against-the-wall with the convenience of leaning over the sink.

Our favorite place for sink s3x is the bathroom, but the technique works anywhere –well, anywhere you have a sink… kitchen / laundry / wherever.

Some of the many advantages of sink s3x

1. Mirrors
2. Doors that lock (in the case of bathrooms) to keep little monsters out
3. Perfect place for the quickest of all quickies – you can even have sink s3x in the guest bathroom if you’re hosting a party (really, it works)


  1. Umm...
    Visiting from SITS. Have a great day.

  2. You are infatuated with plumbing supplies!! hahaha!

  3. Yeah, it's all about plumbing for me.

    Actually the only think people accuse me of being weird about is this:

    I really like watching people kiss in public. If I see a couple kissing, I stop in my tracks without even noticing and smile.

    It embarrasses my kids.

    Ah...kissing is great.

  4. My kids are old enough to know what the noises from the bathroom would be.

  5. Ah...
    our favorite response to
    "What was that pounding in the bathroom?"
    "Daddy was fixing something"

    but our kids are still young ....

    What are we going to do when they are older and clue in?

    Would blaring some music help?


    try this site, it is just a little side thing that I do!

  7. OK! These are seriously cracking me up! You are such a brave girl for posting about S3X. I think my hubby would crawl under a rock and die if I posted about our S3X life!

  8. I missed the sink sex first post, but this was a good catch up.

  9. Anything to keep married sex interesting!

  10. Otin...yeah, I see why that stuff doesn't fit on your other blogs

    Annie - I'm kind of glad William doesn't read this! He probably is too!

  11. Not to mention... with sink s3x, you've got the stuff right there to clean up if you are at a party!! :-)

  12. It all sounds like fun to me. Thanks for a suggestion I can pose to the hubby.