Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love or Friendship -how do you know?

My neice asked: How do I know if a guy is a really good friend or someone I really like?

She said twice friends had crushes on her and it didn't work out because she didn't like them as much. And now she's thinks she likes someone and she doesn't want the same thing to happen again. (She doesn't know if he likes her)

I had to take myself back YEARS! But, even after all this time, I remember how gut wrenching it is. Being a teen isn't easy. HS life is confusing. These problems tie your stomach up in knots!!!

I wanted to help her be calm and also tell her the truth.

The best answer I came up with is this:

When someone is your friend, you want them to be happy, no matter what. So if your guy friend really likes another girl and they get together you are totally happy for him. If you really like someone, you are crushed to think of them with someone else -it makes your blood boil and your fists clench. So, close your eyes and think of this guy. Now imagine he's with another girl.

She did it.

Her response. "Oh, !@#* I do like him."

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Turning my Princess into a Clown

Okay, I did it. Put me on the Mean Mommy List.

Cassie will not have ballet. And she will not even get to go to gymnastics. For three reasons:
1. I am mean & I won't let her (not, well not really)
2. Because Brice won't go to ballet or gymnastics with her (not, well sort of, but not really)
3. Because I want her (and Brice) to take a class at the same time that Ashton has Trumpet lessons so I'm not running all over the city 3 x a week to take 3 kids to 3 different things and so I can spend time making out (or more) with William (yes)

At first she really, really hated me. Because she has to learn ballet in case she wants to be a movie star.

But today was her (and Brice's) first circus class and she really liked it. "I juggled scarves and I'm going to be a little girl in the play."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Justifiable Homicide Tuesday: Suzie Q’s Mom

Suzie Q, age six, was at our house during cooking time and when she had a chance to open a can of soup she said, “I’ve never opened a can by myself before.”

My back was turned to the sink and before I could finish saying, “Wait and I’ll help you—“

I was interrupted by a wailing “owwwwwa, owwwwwah, owwwwwahhhhh!”
She pulled the lid off herself and sliced into a finger.

Comfort, pressure, call the mom.

Guess what? No answer at Suzie Q’s home. [Can I just say right now I hate it when parents leave their six year olds to wander the neighborhood? I also hate it when kids are at my home and their parents don't know where they are and I don't know where the parents are! Grrrrr!]

Call the mom’s cell phone.

Me: Suzie Q’s finger is cut and you need to come get her

The non-Mom: Ummm… will you please hold on a second?

(pause of about 30 seconds)

The non-Mom: I think the thing to do in this case is apply steady pressure for 10 to 20 minutes

Me thinking –oh, did you just google ‘what to do about cuts’ on your phone while I waited?

Me: She’s really upset. The gash is uneven. We’re applying pressure. You need to come home & get her.

The non-Mom: Let me talk to her.

She talked to Suzie Q AND HUNG UP without checking back in with me!!!

Suzie Q continued to bleed despite constant pressure and elevation and even ice. I called The non-Mom after 10 minutes, after 20 minute, after 30 minutes. She came after 45 minutes. I called later to check up on Suzie Q and the non-Mom said, “It still would stop bleeding, not even for me, I ended up taking her to the clinic for stitches.”

Again, it’s not like me to wish a kid motherless, but I kind of think poor Suzie Q already is.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Hour Friday

I'm following Otin's lead and posting some Friday happiness.

I'm happy that people are still reading this blog, even though I haven't posted in days!

I'm happy that Sara without an h got her SITS day

I'm happy that Dear Mr. Man is back to blogging again

I'm happy that all 3 of my children managed to get through their winter performances at school without falling off stage, starting a fight, or wetting their pants.

I'm happy that I managed to stay cool during the entire performance even though William was touching me - holding my hand, rubbing my neck, tickling the inside of my arm and I really wanted to throw him on the floor and jump on top of him. but I didn't because I know it damage my kids if we were hauled out of our kids' school in handcuffs. (If only we still lived in my hometown and the performance were in my high school, I would have know a few closets we could of hid out in!)

I'm happy that I've never ever gotten a ticket for any 'out and about' adventures (though I was caught and questioned 2x)

I'm happy our heater is working (but sad we're not sneaking home in the middle of the day to check the heat)

I'm happy we're going to abandon the kids at the movie theatre this weekend so we can make out in the car, go shopping, make out in the car, go shopping, make out in the car, go shopping. Okay we haven't exactly figured out what we're doing when the kids are at the movies with their grandparents (I love my inlaws!) but it will be some combination of shopping and kissing!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Checking the Heat

Normally I would think having a heater on the fritz could work to our advantage.

There are some seriously FUN ways to stay warm, right?

Our heater working only half the time was just one major issue to deal with this week and I'm surprised at how we've changed from being so Thankful last week to this week of STRESSNESS. Taking showers at the gym with the yucky too strong showers that practically blow my nips across the room, don't adjust for temperature, and spray so strong my clothes hanging 4 feet away get wet...turns me into a B-!

But yesterday something great happened. William decided to come home EARLY to make sure the heater didn't do its usual trick of shutting down hours after the repairman claims it fixed.

And I decided to come home early because I didn't think that William would be home to check it.

And -wonder of wonders- we were both home ALONE an hour before the kids came home from school. The heater had died again. There was no hot water.

Who knew a heating fail could be so wonderful??

Before calling the repairman, we enjoyed some private time at home! There is just something great about s3x in the early afternoon!!!

BTW heater is fixed as of this morning....but I think we should still find time to come home and "check the heat" once in awhile, right?