Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Justifiable Homicide Tuesday: Suzie Q’s Mom

Suzie Q, age six, was at our house during cooking time and when she had a chance to open a can of soup she said, “I’ve never opened a can by myself before.”

My back was turned to the sink and before I could finish saying, “Wait and I’ll help you—“

I was interrupted by a wailing “owwwwwa, owwwwwah, owwwwwahhhhh!”
She pulled the lid off herself and sliced into a finger.

Comfort, pressure, call the mom.

Guess what? No answer at Suzie Q’s home. [Can I just say right now I hate it when parents leave their six year olds to wander the neighborhood? I also hate it when kids are at my home and their parents don't know where they are and I don't know where the parents are! Grrrrr!]

Call the mom’s cell phone.

Me: Suzie Q’s finger is cut and you need to come get her

The non-Mom: Ummm… will you please hold on a second?

(pause of about 30 seconds)

The non-Mom: I think the thing to do in this case is apply steady pressure for 10 to 20 minutes

Me thinking –oh, did you just google ‘what to do about cuts’ on your phone while I waited?

Me: She’s really upset. The gash is uneven. We’re applying pressure. You need to come home & get her.

The non-Mom: Let me talk to her.

She talked to Suzie Q AND HUNG UP without checking back in with me!!!

Suzie Q continued to bleed despite constant pressure and elevation and even ice. I called The non-Mom after 10 minutes, after 20 minute, after 30 minutes. She came after 45 minutes. I called later to check up on Suzie Q and the non-Mom said, “It still would stop bleeding, not even for me, I ended up taking her to the clinic for stitches.”

Again, it’s not like me to wish a kid motherless, but I kind of think poor Suzie Q already is.


  1. what a twat. can i say twat here? i would have dropped the phone to be in the car and at your door before you noticed my lack of presence on the line. but then again, my boys wouldn't be age 6 and out trolling at the dinner hour suzie q is lucky to have sliced her finger at your house. b/c not only did you take her to clinic, but you are a nurse, right? or is that another nympho blogger? suzie q has along road ahead. bless her little heart.

  2. 45 minutes!!! That lady needs to have her "parent" card taken away.

  3. "It still wouldn't stop bleeding, even for me..."

    That is shocking! This whole time, when you said to apply pressure, I just stuck an encyclopedia on top of her hand. Was that wrong?

    There's a quote from the movie Parenthood that I've always liked, even if it is said by Keanu Reeves. It's something like...

    "You need a license to fish but they'll let any asshole be a father."

    Same goes for some "moms".

  4. What a crappy mom! Sounds lazy and self absorbed.

  5. magda, the un-mom did take her to the clinic. I think she thought it would stop bleeding when Suzie Q got home.

    I do feel bad that it happened & wish I could have prevented it.

    But, as everyone noticed, she should have come right away....grrrr

  6. That is totally believable judging by some of the "Mothers" that I have come across! I never had children of my own, but I see what goes on around me. That poor child! 6 years old, and having to take care of herself! What if it had been something more serious? We all know the basics of First Aid, but I can just see her Mother looking it up in a book as to what to do when a child is bleeding, and I can bet that there was no comfort from her Mother even when she did eventually arrive! These people shouldn't even take care of a dog, never mind a child! Children look to their Mothers for comfort and security. Poor child. I hope she is better now.

  7. You were way nicer and calmer than we would've been. Non-mom would've gotten an earful. I like your blog. and also, pending nursing student here.

  8. Insane. My six year old does not leave this house without me. Maybe I'm over protective, but really?? He's six. SIX. Poor Susie Q. At least she has nice neighbors to take care of her... :)

  9. Poor Suzie Q. No wonder she prefers your house.

    Is adoption a possibility?

  10. First of all, I love that Magda called un-mom a twat!

    Well, Un-mom obviously is not going for Mother Of The Year award. Too bad the kid is interfering with her life.

  11. YIKES!!!! I can not imagine being that free with my daughter in 2 years when she turns six. I freak out about everything. Especially if she gets hurt. Unimaginable!!!