Thursday, December 17, 2009

Turning my Princess into a Clown

Okay, I did it. Put me on the Mean Mommy List.

Cassie will not have ballet. And she will not even get to go to gymnastics. For three reasons:
1. I am mean & I won't let her (not, well not really)
2. Because Brice won't go to ballet or gymnastics with her (not, well sort of, but not really)
3. Because I want her (and Brice) to take a class at the same time that Ashton has Trumpet lessons so I'm not running all over the city 3 x a week to take 3 kids to 3 different things and so I can spend time making out (or more) with William (yes)

At first she really, really hated me. Because she has to learn ballet in case she wants to be a movie star.

But today was her (and Brice's) first circus class and she really liked it. "I juggled scarves and I'm going to be a little girl in the play."


  1. love it. a circus class sounds like the sweetest thing ever because they feature all the talents there. uh oh. how is it you only have 68 followers?? i was so happy for you to have remained at 69 for the last week.

  2. Circus class sounds like fun. My oldest 2 took ballet lessons for many years. When Youngest wanted ballet lessons, I told her sisters to teach her everything they learned. :) (They're just not in the budget right now!) She'll hopefully be getting lessons soon. Feel better? I'm the real meanie.


  3. well I have never heard of circus class, don't worry she can tell her therapist all about it later.

  4. Circus class sounds way more fun than ballet.. and she can be a comic actress. win win

  5. I have a circus class every night! It is called my stupid household! LOL!

    You are not mean, I will vouch for you!

  6. I want to go to circus class. For real. Not Otin's.

  7. As someone who took ballet lessons for 8 years, I feel kinda bad for your daughter....but a CIRCUS CLASS!!! Definitely a good replacement! She'll need those skills to become an actress too!

  8. Sweet mother of pearl. They have circus classes now? Classes that teach one to be a clown?

    That's one of the most frightening things I've ever heard... but I'm glad she enjoys juggling scarves!

  9. Well, you have to see if they like ballet!

  10. I love her reasoning! Circus class sounds like great fun!

    I have 2 daughters... one has a degree in theater. She took dance classes and voice lessons... she works in radio now. The other took some dance classes but no voice lessons, although she has a beautiful voice. She is now pursuing HER degree in theater! I'm curious to see what career she ends up with!

    All I know for sure is I have 2 Drama Queens with degrees to prove it!

  11. HAHAH Poor babies with a mean old momma! ha! NOT! I am sure circus classes will be AWESOME!