Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tip 5: Turn ons

William has been out of town a few days. Of course I miss him and fantasize about stripping him, throwing him into bed and…more!

Fantasizing about William has got me thinking about turn ons. And also has me wondering if what I think of as a turn on, is the same as William.

When I first see William (tomorrow!), I want to touch his face, I want to kiss his ears, maybe I even want to bite his neck.

Here’s what I like:
1. I like to touch William's eyes and eyebrows and then lean in and kiss his eyes
2. I like to do tiny small kisses along his ears
3. I like to bite his arm pits (I know this is strange, but he has really nice pecs)
4. I like to take his clothes off
5. I like to kiss unexpected places like the front of the elbow, the dip in the top of the sternum, the spaces between knuckles
6. I like to suck his fingers (maybe gross to some, but hey it’s the truth!)

As I daydream about my love returning home I can’t help but wonder, does he like any of the above six things?

I suspect he really doesn’t like number 3. I actually have evidence that he doesn’t like number 3. He screams “Ow!” if I bite too hard. He’s also taken to putting on deodorant immediately after stepping out of the shower. And over time the square inches of skin covered by deodorant has grown (hmmm… is it deodorant, or Lynn repellant?)

So, does he like me kissing his eyes? Sucking his fingers? Undressing him (probably yes to undressing!) or is he just patiently waiting thinking I sure wish Lynn would leave my fingers alone so we can get it on
And now that I’m wondering I have to ask.

I challenge you to do the same. Make a list of what you like and then ask you lover, partner, spouse what they think!

Have fun!


  1. After you kiss William I say the next thing you do is have him read your blog and then you will get your answers, but I bet you know them already.

    My fave is I really like to kiss...long and hard.

  2. I just got back home from four days of travel. It's probably a good thing I didn't read this while I away! WHEWW!!!!!

    If you'd like to participate in the When Pills Aren't Enough Sessions, go here:

  3. Hmmmm...too many passionate thoughts in the morning while reading your posting...LOL

  4. Vodka Logic - then he might read other posts. I might just have to interview him "do you like this? What about this? Why are you putting deoderant all over your chest everyday? etc..."

    Janie - I know -the time apart isn't easy, is it?

    RR - sorry - sometimes I can't stop myself!

  5. Mine likes everything but talking about it!

  6. Leah - sounds like you know what your man likes!

  7. I'm sitting here feeling completely envious....I wish so much I felt that same way for my husband but our passion has totally died out. Now it's all about the kids!

  8. Helene - I've gotten a lot of emails saying the same thing. Thanks for commenting about this! I really appreciate hearing what readers are thinking and what is REALLY going on in the day to day lives of people!

  9. What William Said:
    For those of you wondering how my conversation with William went (and I didn't suggest he read this post) it went like this:

    Me: Do you like it when I bite your armpits?
    Him: No, not at all
    Me: So, it doesn't turn you on, even a little bit?
    Him: No, nt at all
    Me: So if I never even bit you in the armpit ever again, you wouldn't miss it?
    Him: I wouldn't miss it.
    Me: What about when I touch your face
    Him: What about it?
    Me: Does it turn you on?
    Him: Not really
    Me: What about when I suck your fingers?

    And so on....about everything else.

    And the final conclusion - he doesn't care if I do any of it (except the biting, he doesn't like)

    And (best of all) he said, "It seems like what you don't understand is that I'm already turned on by the time you start doing all that... you don't have to do anything extra."

    So it was a good conversation. And I probably won't be getting a mouth full of deoderant ever again, so I have that to look forward to!

  10. John likes when I touch him anywhere. And the same can be said for me.. well except for my feet. That's a no touch zone. :)

    And if he kisses me on the neck right where it meets my shoulder... chills up and down my spine and my hair just stands on end!