Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two Awards

I would like to thank two readers for honoring S3XinthePantry with very cool awards. I am amazed to have this attention, being such a new blog!!!

The Redhead Ritter selected this blog for the Superior Scribbler Award.

The rules and the blogs I passed the award to are below.

Laura at Vodka Logic honored me with the Zombie Chicken Award

I did some research about the Zombie Chicken Award and found this beautiful description:

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to other worthy bloggers.

Sharing the love!
Here are two blogs I pass the Zombie Chicken Award to:

Ashley at Place of Moxie – I love the fun and adventure you share with The Bad Boy and the honesty with which you write about mommyhood. I would brave zombie chickens to read your blog.

Dear Mr. Man who blogs his heart out even while living 5 days a week away from his wonderful family. Let those zombie chickens try to peck and scratch --- I’ll find a way to read your blog somehow.

No pressure guys, the rules are easy: Post the Award on your blog and give it to whoever you like!

I’m still getting to know everyone in blogville, (I feel like the new geek in the neighborhood sometimes) so it isn’t easy to pick only 5 to pass the super scribbler award to.

Here are the rules for the Superior Scribbler:
• Each Superior Scribbler must pass The Award on to 5 Bloggy Friends.
• Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
• Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to this post, which explains The Award.
• Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List. To keep a list of everyone who receives This Prestigious Honor.
• Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog

I'm passing this along to the following Superior Scribblers:

Sarah and the goon squad
Sparkly tiara
Eric at Oh My God I’m a Daddy!
Lorie Shewbridges
Midlife Slices

Thanks to everyone who has read, sent emails, written, and commented on this blog!!


  1. How sweet of you... I thank you very much for the award. I love reading your blog, you always make me smile... It may take me a couple of days to pass it on, but I will!!
    Happy "Hump-day" to you!! I'm sure you wil!!!

  2. Just wanted to say that i love your blog....and thanks for commenting on my own. As a mom to three young kids, and a husband out of town 75% of the week, sex is not something that is on my priority list. though it needs to is encouraging to find other moms out there who are getting it on and giving tips to those of us who need a little more pantry time! i will check in often!!

  3. Thank you so much!! Looking forward to passing it on! STxxx

  4. Congratulations! Awesome awards!


  5. Thanks for the research on the Zombie really sounds like a great honor...

    Congrats to you on both..


  6. Well congrats - what number Superior Scribbler are you?? I had fun looking to see who else was honoured. Welcome to the group.

  7. Joanne - huge thank you for asking that because I realized I forgot to add two links for the Superior Scribbler awards...

    I am number 979 ... cool number, I think.

    Are you on the list? What number?

  8. Lynn-Thank you for the Zombie Chicken. I really appreciate the honor. Now I'm hungry for a chicken dinner. I am enjoying your blog.

  9. How am I just now seeing this!? I am so sorry! Thank you - for real! Thanks!!!!