Thursday, September 10, 2009

He loves me even when I am stupid

A few weeks ago (or maybe more than that) it was obvious my car craved an oil change. No sweat. Call, schedule, take it in. It’s not rocket science, just a simple formula to get things done, everything from dentist appointments to school physicals to haircuts. It is part of normal life.




Somehow, the call part slipped my mind. Then when I finally did schedule, the appointment slipped my mind.

I got in the habit of thinking I would call about the car and keeping several bottles of oil in the trunk just in case.

Today was hurry hurry busy because I had to juggle all three kids going to the dentist. When I left work to meet them at school early, my car was crying for oil.

I slosh a double serving of oil into the car, zoom off to get the kids, take them to the dentist. I ignore the smell coming from the engine because – well, I probably just splashed oil, right?

No cavities! X3!

After the dentist, I notice that the oil isn’t “burning off.” It smells like something is burning up.

At home I popped the hood and found that oil had splashed everywhere. Yes, splashed OUT

How can it splash out, Lynn? you may ask. Didn’t you put the cap on tightly?

What a good question, thoughtful reader. Let me examine.

No, I did not put the oil cap on tightly because I didn’t put it on AT ALL!

Of course, I have to admit my failure to William.

After one of our nonsensical Q&A sessions where we mostly don’t understand each other (He wanted to know where the oil cap was. Amazingly, so did I.)

He said, “I’ll go get you another one.”

Instead of going on a run, William bought me a new oil cap and added more oil. He then drove off in my car. I thought he was going to the gym but when he returned too soon and not stinky, I knew he didn’t work out.

“I noticed you needed gas so I filled it up. I also ran it through the car wash.”

I can’t tell you how turned on I am right now!!!

Be nice to the ones you love, even when they make mistakes.


  1. I know just what you are feeling. The day before, seriously the day before.. we were moving across the country, car packed, staying in a hotel, I WRECKED the car. yep, as in not drivable and possibly totaled(they didnt but should have). Yeah, I was a mess, I mean bawling like a baby cause all I wanted to do was get the hell out of Louisianna as fast as possible. The hubs, didnt even get mad. not even a little. Totally tried to make me feel better instead and make me feel like it wasnt my fault, just an accident. I was more pissed than him. How awesome is that? I'll tell you we are two lucky chicks! =)

  2. Love it! My Hubby is a mechanie and my oil is always over-due for an oil change. ALWAYS! When my birthday is near, I always say that I want my oil changed. For Christmas I ask for a new air filter!



  3. s/b mechanic. I can't type these days. Please forgive me!

    More hugs!!

  4. Wow he is the best and beyond!!! I am just proud to know you even put the oil in the car - - not me anymore. Funny thing is I took car mechanics for a couple of years but my first hubby barely let me drive (ok exageration) let alone change the oil. With no children to worry about my car goes for regular checkups - no cavities either.

  5. I know that feeling!
    When I was 16 my cousin and I went on a road trip...unfortunatley someone nicked the oil cap off her car (when we had fueled up before the trip, it was htere when we checked everything, when we came out of the shops it was gone!)and halfway to Canberra the oil light comes on. We pull into the servo and the whole front of the car is covered in oil, as in, it's leaked out the sides of the hood and smeared down the sides of the car as well! Needless to say it took us about 20 litres of oil and 2 more wrong-sized caps and many stops before we made it. All we could do was laugh!

  6. Atlanta - Oh! That is horrible timing with the accident. Your hubby is right (and wonderful) it was just an accident. Yes, we are lucky!

    Green - Isn't it true the things we do at work we don't want to do at home? William will hardly ever turn on the computer at home -he sits behind one all day at work.

    Joanne - glad your car is "regular" -ha!

    Mrs. P --- your right - laughter works for car reparis too...But it STINKS that someone took your cap!!! maybe the futrue holds a wonder car that doesn't need gas or oil!

  7. Yeah, I did the ol' "forgot the gas cap" thing once. Thought I had the worst oil leak in history. Turned out I was just an idiot (not that YOU'RE an idiot, I'm just saying...)

    Damn. My first visit here and I've gone and offended you.

    I'm sorry.

  8. LLL - I will!
    Chris - I'm not easily offended - glad you visited!

  9. Sounds like a great guy, even after your "discussion."

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed reading yours and a look forward to reading more.

  10. Stopping by from SITS to wish you a great weekend!!

  11. Women always play helpless when it comes to auto care! hahaha!

  12. Are there really linking rules, anyway?! lol

  13. I love it! Happy Saturday Sharefest! The Neuff

  14. Can't believe I haven't read your blog before so I am returning the lurve - thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! I am glad you did!

    My Hubby works away 2 weeks at work and 1 week at home and he is a darling - he never gets made when I am a little bit stupid - its one of the many reasons I love him!!

    Great blog - I will be back!!

  15. Meeeeooow! Nothing sexier than a man taking care of this woman, especially when she's too busy to think straight ... I can totally relate to both :)

  16. i'm just impressed you knew where to pour the oil, honestly... i've checked it but never put more in there. what a nice hubsy :)