Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is with some people?

Really! I really want to know what is with some people! Do I have a brightly lit neon sign pointing to my house from miles around that says “Sucker Lives Here” or “Lynn’s house 2 miles on the left, bring your children, bring your injured, your weary, your RATS !”

I’ll leave the injured, neglected, and weary for another post.

Today I’m blogging about the rats!

We had our annual Halloween party. This is a party for kids. And it’s turned into something big. People don’t wait for invitations any more, they call up a few weeks ahead of time to make sure we’re having it. Some of the regular kids just assume they will spend the night.

We love costumes, trick or treating, pouring healthy pumpkin stew down their throats and some fruit to counteract the candy. And listening to them laugh and play until after midnight.

We have it down to a science.

This year we got the craziest calls:
Some we’re used to like:
Can I bring my younger (sister / brother(s)) or can I bring my older (sister / brother(s))
Can you pick up our kid for the party/?
Can you drive our kid home from the party –Halloween night or the next day?

But this year we got two calls to see if we had an extra costume – the answer is YES
Many calls to see if we would do the make-up – YES again

One crazy person who asked me if I would let her three kids bring their dog. “He’s little” and “He gets so worked up on Halloween night” (now that I think of it, he probably gets afraid and pees in their house) and “We have an adult party to attend.”

NO!! [Are you proud of me? I actually said, “No!”]

Because, hmmm…let me think, I have more than a dozen kids to worry about (three of them are yours), my own dog to consider, and YOUR DOG IS NOT MY PROBLEM!!


And I thought that would be the strangest event of the night. Until I was out picking up one of our guests and returned home to find a couple of boys were dropped off while I was away. They had their costumes, their sleeping bags, and their pet rats. Yes, two boys and three live rats.

I love William. I love William. Yes, I love William. “But why did you let them bring the rats?”

“Well, it’s Halloween,” he said.

Yeah. It’s Halloween.


  1. OMG please tell me you call the Mom and made her come back and get them!! Seriously the nerve you are too nice!

  2. Actually, I didn't. I had too much other stuff going on. I told the boys who brought them that they were responsible for them....I even let them take them out trick or treating (no, I wasn't hoping they'd run off, was I?)

  3. It sounds like you have tons of fun on Halloween, except for the animals/rats sitting.

  4. Rat sitting. Now that's a new one.

  5. I see hospitality has risen or sunk to new heights/lows when you bring all the pets with you to a party. Now can you pick up people in VA and NY?

  6. I actually like pet rats, but I can't believe they would think you could just take them to someone elses house.

  7. Of all the nerve!!! I would never, 1. ask you if I could bring someone else; 2. ask you if I could bring my dog; and 3. abosolutely NEVER just bring a RODENT to your house without asking! That is just insanity!!
    You are a saint!!
    Hope you had fun, I vote you as "Mommy of the Year"!

  8. Holy crap! I would have sent their asses packing. Or at least the rats. Gah! They scare me to death. I am shivering just thinking about rats (pet or not) in my house. And yes, people are too ballsy. I can't believe you get asked those favors. Next year dress up as a door mat and see if any of them get it. Lol.

  9. Sure, Mike next year I'll just send a car to come pick you up!

    Thanks Lorie!!

    Leah - you've got it exactly!

  10. Wow! Your party sounds like heaven. Will you pick up my girls, 6 guinea pigs, our rabbit, turtle and dog for next year's party?
    Please don't say NO! ;)

    Seriously, next year, I'd say that your party is by invitation ONLY!


  11. People are getting to be shameless.

    Next year, they can throw their own damn party and maybe you could call them asking if it's okay if your child's entire class comes because, well, you already said they could.

  12. I cant believe the questions...where in the world are people's manners? Off trick or treating I suppose?

  13. RATS!? Ewwww. They couldn't just stay home in their cages??

    Sounds like a fantastic party, anyway!

  14. Sounds like one fantastic party - kudos on saying no to the dog - but sorry about the rats - geesh.

  15. Wow! I love entertaining but I can see how people might easily take advantage...I thought adults might be better at this stuff!
    - Cougs

  16. Hilarious the things that people asked! Glad that you had a great time!