Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don’t make a mess

When you have preschoolers in the house, they notice things.

This is the age when something out of context triggers their interest. It is not the greatest trait when busy parents are trying to get a little action whenever and wherever they can.

So, busy parents, I warn you. Learn from my mistakes! If you’re going to have a stripfest s3x time in the living room, try you best to wake up before your preschooler(s). If you don’t and you hear the phone ring, really really try to pick up the phone before your four-year-old.

If you do, you may prevent your son from telling your parents: No I don’t know where Mommy is, but her and Daddy’s clothes were all over the living room floor. Oh, there they are sleeping on the sofa.

This happened years ago and is another one of my favorite Brice memories. He pestered me for a whole day why he has to pick up things off the floor in his room, but we threw our clothes on the floor.

PS thank god my mom is soooo cool!


  1. I'll bet that child was so confused!

    That's pretty damn funny, though.

  2. My idea of sex in the living room is an empty house and a porn video!

  3. You are making me thing of all those sexy Daddy-Mommy jokes!

  4. One of our kids told my dad that hubby and I were in the shower once when he called. Yep, TMI for sure!


  5. Otin - eww!
    Glad I made some people laugh at that one (my life is never dull now that we have kids!) and sorta glad I'm not the only one.
    Hugs back atcha Green-eyed Momster!

  6. I love it, aren't kids just great!!!!

  7. LOL ok kids are so much fun during those times.

  8. We snuck down into the living room the other night and forgot to pick up our blanket (you know, so there's no rug burns) and my barette. My son was very confused as to why there was a blanket on the floor. At least it wasn't clothes! Or, er...other things! :)