Thursday, November 26, 2009

Speaking of Thanking

There I was talking with my mil and fil about s3x.

We discussed the time that she pulled him into "one of those shops" "just to look around"

Somewhere in the conversation my mil said, "I don't thank"
I didn't understand.
She said, "I'm not a thanker"

I clarified - it was a 'th' not an 's'

Then I figured it out. She doesn't say "thank you" afterwards.

I think that I am a thanker, not every time, not in any sort of dramatic way but sometimes in a playful way. But whenever I say it, I mean it every time.

Still, it's not like we have a rule or any expectation of what will be said before, during, and after.

I found her comments something to think about.

The way she said she was a NOT a thanker made me feel a little bit embarrassed to admit that I was, until I realized my s3x partner is her son and every mother wants her son to be well 'thanked' right? So I gave William his praise and told her I'm a thanker.

I have a lot to be thankful for today!!


  1. Oh, I can't imagine having that conversation with my in-laws. Yikes. My mom, maybe, mother in law!?! God no!

    But I bet it's nice to have that kind of relationship where that would be an acceptable topic of conversation!

  2. We thank each other after, EVERY time. It might be weird to some but we do things for each other that no one else ever has been able to for each of us and it's always, ALWAYS awesome. I'm very grateful I'm very lucky.
    Happy THANKSGIVING!! Hugs!!

  3. Women never thank me, they usually say, "Oh don't worry about it, that happens to all men at one point or another!" LMAO!!!!!!!!

  4. I am a thanker, but I've never talked to my MIL about s3x with her son. Just can't do it. Can't even imagine that conversation. LOL We're close, but . . . .

  5. I'm a thanker too no way in hell I'd talk to MIL about s3x come to think of it I try not to talk to her at all.

  6. Funny, my mil is 95 years old next month and can not imagine ever talking to her about s3x.

    Good you have a cool mil and fil

  7. The world would end if I ever had this conversation with my MIL

  8. Looks LIke I"m not alone being a thanker and that I have pretty cool inlaws!

    GreenEyed - Yay for you & your love

    Otin - I'm happy you've found some nice girls to hang out with!!

  9. I'm a thanker in a comedy type if they were just there per my request and to suit my needs and "hey, thanks for that."

    How funny your mil talks about this with you!! The other day my mom mentioned my nephew and his gf and said the words "friends with benefits" and all of my inner organs cringed. It just wasn't right...

  10. WE like to joke around about how terrible it was while we lay sweaty and laughing. Sometimes, not everyone is sweating or joking though :-/. kidding. never terrible, just sometimes it can be a chore for me.

  11. I totally will talk to MY mother about sex. Told her today about leaving a bar with the ex to go have crazy wild sex in the back of my soccer mom car and then back inside the bar for another drink and more flirting with the waitress. :-)

    I am totally a thanker. But I also keep getting better sex partners than the it only makes sense to me.