Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Justifiable-Homcide-Tuesday on Wednesday - Lynn Gone Mad!

I've never got into the "do this thing on a certain day" blog schedules, because I'm not that organized.

But when I noticed Vodka Logic's Justifiable Homicide feature I began looking forward to Tuesday. Because a whole lotta parents who been leaving their kids running wild(actually hanging at my house) have been makin' me wanna bust somethin'

For those of you who are wondering this is NOT a guest blogger - just Lynn gone mad! Really mad!

I know my blog is all about lovin' & stuff. But some people! And there's enough going on to give me Justifiable Homicide posts for the whole rest of the year! So, even though I missed yesterday. I've gotta let off some steam.

Here's my top pick. I'd never wanna make a kid an orphan, but these two fools are on the top of my list: The parents of Little Joe

Little Joe is 10 years old. He hangs out at our house all the time. William and I are actually fine with a bunch of kids being over our house all the time. The kids aren't any problem -it's their parents!

Little Joe's parents are splitting up. I have no problem with that. Lots of folks split up.

But they are still living together
and stepping out on each other
and fighting night and day with each other.

Little Joe dropped by right when we're heading out and I say, "Little Joe, run ask your parents if you can come with us." He takes off down the street and zooms back: "My Mom says I can go, but my Dad says I can't."

It's like that for EVERYTHING! What's a kid supposed to do? I had to leave him. Sorry, but I'm not taking a kid in my car without their parents' permission (especially these parents).

So last weekend, he's over our house late and William's asleep, so I walk Little Joe home. It's only a block but I'm not letting a kid leave my house without making sure he is home safe. We get to his driveway and I tell him I wanna make sure he's in the house. He surprises me by pulling out his key.

It's 10:45 on a Friday night!

Remember, he's TEN YEARS OLD!!!

So I ask Little Joe, where's your Ma?
Answer: With her boyfriend.

Where's you Dad?
At his girlfriends'.

Who is watching you?
My brother.

Sigh of relief. His brother is almost 17.

Is he at home?
No, he's over at his girlfriend's. He always comes home by midnight though.

I call his brother to come back home.

But I really want to call his mom and his dad and tell them - ACT LIKE GROWN UPS!!!

Instead I'm offering them up for my first post - swim with the fishes you unmom & undad!

(Is it really weird that it feels so good to post this?)


  1. I suppose if I can post my own "do it on this day" thingy late so can you..and it is only my second week lol..

    I am with you on that kids parents. wtf. You would think they would want you to take him with you.

    Thanks and see you next Tues or Wed.. or maybe Thurs...Who knows. Surprise me.

  2. I tell you, for the last two weeks I've been wanting to post something like this about someone EVERY DAY! So happy we moved Tuesday to Wednesday this week! I needed it!

  3. you know what, you gotta unload, it is so important and I don't blame you ONE BIT for feeling that way. they are def. unmom & undad.

  4. OMG! I feel so sad for Little Joe:(

    How terrible for his parents(if you can call them that) to treat him like that. I agree with you that they need to start acting like grown ups.

  5. Poor kid! That's what it was like at my house most of the time growing up though. I know how he feels. I don't know what I'd do for him. At least he has your family as an example and that is huge for him. He'll remember your family as a unit for the rest of his life. You've got to feel good about that.


  6. The sad part is that poor kid will probably grow up to think that is the normal way to raise kids!

  7. What in the flaming piss is wrong with people? Let it all out, because I'm sure you've got some real gems saved up!

  8. poor kids, if people chooe to have kids its funny how they are YOUR responsiblilty and they should be put first, a 10 year old home alone seems young to me.

  9. It's always great to see such great parenting in action.

  10. I'd have left a note saying no one was home so Little Joe is at my house because I didn't think he should be in the house alone this late at night. If nothing else, it will give the parents something new to fight about.

  11. No it's not! I'm with you on this one. Poor little guy - thank goodness he has you.

  12. Poor Joe. But he is lucky to have you close by.

  13. Stopping by from BPOTW! :D

    Poor Joe. :( I was a latch key kid but at least my parents were home at night to tuck us in and most nights to make us dinner. These parents seem to have forgotten that their first job is to be a parent not go on dates and participate in pissing matches with one another.

    Poor Joe :(

  14. I think you may be on to something there with the virtual 'sleep with the fishies'. Now we know why Little Joe hangs out at your house!