Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Justifiable Homicide Tuesday - Movie Lady

This feature was started by Vodka Logic

I was going to write another post like this one about some unparents I know, but instead I'm going to rant about the lady who sat one row behind us on Saturday.

It was a kids movie. But hey, that doesn't mean William and I can't kiss a little -right? Our kids were a few seats away from us . . . looking at the screne.

Well kiss number one, she cleared her throat. When we didn't stop she said, "Please, give me a break." In this kind of voice said she might vomit.

Next kiss she sighed and siad, "This is a children's movie." And I have to say that she was drawing more attention to us than we were to ourselves.

Okay, I know everyone doesn't stop and watch people kiss with a big grin on their face like I do. But we were in a dark movie theatre. We weren't trying to put on a show. She made it a big deal.


We try to sit in the crying room - this place didn't have one. Or the back row. It was full.

Still did she have to zero in on us? With every kiss? And make a big loudmouth comment?

Couldn't she do what 99% of the rest of th people in the room were doing and look up at the movie?

We varied the timing and lenght of our kissing. And, okay I'll admit it, a few times I started kissing William to see what she would say next.

She was a pain. The worst ever (well, except that time we were stopped by a police officer, but that's a different post).

I'm sure she thinks we were out of line.

What do you think??


  1. She's the reason the back row was full. That's the only place I'll sit in a theatre. She was probably just jealous! Don't worry about her. I'm sorry she ruined your "moment." Sounds fun! Just so you know, I deleted most of my comment....I'm trying to be nice about her sorry ass.


  2. If you were slurping and making noises I might have given you the stink eye but a few innocent (?) kisses.. nah.

    Besides my husband is the type when we were dating and went to the drive in he wanted to watch the movie...........argghhh

    Thanks for posting the "button" I forgot.. lol

  3. I bet she's the kind of lady who gets upset in church when you applaud the new bride and groom or applaud for a really good choir. She needs to lighten up.

  4. Maybe your kissing was distracting her from the vibrator between her legs?

  5. hmmmm? that is a puzzler. i might have been uncomfortable with having a making out couple between me and the screen. i think i am easily distracted though, it would have felt the same for me as two people talking too close by, even if whispering. but, hey more power to ya for wanting to kiss your husband so much and in so many places. i would do it if i felt like it and laugh at anybody needing to remark.

  6. She would have been really shocked if she heard a zipper unzip and you head disappeared out of sight! hahaha!

  7. I would've visibly shoved my tongue down my partner's throat, just for funzies.

    She's probably bitter and lonely. That's why she was at a kids movie. I mean... did you see her with any kids?

  8. ok, while still not being allowed to sleep through the night, yours, being the only blog i read yesterday, i pondered the movie make out scenario for HOURS.

    i am glad you don't object to a contrary response. i enjoy your blog.

    and i still think maybe as a mother i would not want making out of adults in the theater where my kids were. is this too uptight? probably

  9. First Otin, if I didn't read all of your other posts all over the blogiverse I would think you were saving it all up for me!

  10. magda - you are so great to post your thoughts. And you are right, I welcome them!!

    I started this blog hoping to keep people up at night but not in the way you described!

    I agree in shared space all parties have to be respectful.

    We kissed a bit but it wasn't a big display -no neck licking ear biting, etc...I don't think we made a sound. Still we could have cooled it, or found a different seat.

    But also her talking and so loudly wasn't very polite either.

    I've been replaying in my mind and wondering if there was another way she could have said it. I really don't think any kids were watching us.

    I mean, think about it ... I can't really remember anyone who sits in front of me after the movie starts, can you??

  11. I think a few kisses during a movie are no big deal, and if she was being so annoyingly loud about it, I bet she was just jealous. That probaby would have egged me and Bill on. Since Bill is 24 years older than me, we sometimes get, as Vodka Logic says, the stink eye from older ladies. So I'll lean over to Bill and tell him he has to plant one on me... then he gives me a big juicy kiss, you should see how flustered those old hags get!!
    Hope you really "enjoyed" your movie! :-)

  12. I'd have been pissed that I forgot my camera....I am so doing the JH thing next tuesday....thanx!