Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A key!

William went cleaning crazy over the long weekend. I’m all for making the kids clean their rooms but William went all out FlyLady clean-o-rama. Cabinets were emptied, cupboards were bared, furniture was pushed from one side of the room to the other.

He pulled the sofa cushions off and carried them into another room. and thus humiliated me into finding a vacuum / shovel and bucket to clean beneath

But when much was tossed and all was cleaned up, we scored big.
I found a key and there is only one door that was missing a key. Our little old house has doors with rusty locks that still use removable keys on the inside doors. OUR BEDROOM

We now have a key to our bedroom!

So, even though we’ve taught our kids this it doesn't always work.

We will no longer be fearful of situations like this


  1. I can't imagine what is under the couch or cushions in the family room...Yikes.

  2. A wonderful key to a wonderful room - that can now be locked, whether you're "hitting it" or not. ROFL!!!

    You are hilarious.

  3. The "Key" to a good relationship is sex without the children watching! LOL!

  4. Awesome! How surprised will the kids be when they try to barge in, only to run into a locked door!

  5. Please send William to my house. Thanks in advance.
    Lisa E.

  6. Fantastic! Sounds like you were trying to find a mouse! We just cleaned house too!

    As for your kissing post... I don't know why I was afraid to admit to kissing with a closed mouth until I brush my teeth. It seemed embarrassing that day.


  7. Yay for a massive cleaning that you did not have to do tooo much of. And look what wonderful surprises were bestowed upon you!!!! :)

  8. I wish Asp would lock the door. Sometimes it's open when we're going at it. At least her son is asleep then, but the coming and going of the cats scares the crap out of me sometimes.