Saturday, January 2, 2010

That first kiss of the day

The first thing I want to do in the morning is kiss William

What do you guys do about morning breath?

William swears he doesn’t care / barely even notices

Most of the time I don’t either but there are times I want to chug some mouthwash.

Okay, I’m admitting on a public blog what a lazy person I am…the bathroom is just across the hall from our bedroom. If I roll on top of William (yeah, right?) and exit on his side of the bed, I’d only have to walk about 25 feet.

Still, I want to kiss. I don’t want to stop and gargle.

Mouthwash next to the bed? Then what? Swallow it? Spit it out into a bowl or a stylish spittoon?

What about those little mouth freshener papers? I like those, but are they strong enough for morning breath?


Mouth spray?

Any suggestions?


  1. 69ing?? hahahahaha! You should have known better than to ask me a question like that! LMAO!!

  2. no ideas here, don't laugh but I have to wear retainers, well really a splint retainer, somehow the stress of infertility and adoption have me clenching my jaw so tight that I crack teeth, hmmmm fun let me tell you after a night of those in your mouth even I am disgusted by my morning breath. I kiss Joe on the cheek and don't breath.

  3. my own morning breath makes me gag, i wouldn't want hubby to have to smell it. so as soon as i wake up, i head to the bathroom and brush my teeth. but i like the idea of a spittoon, just so i can say i have a spittoon.

  4. The strips would be good, I think they are very strong should work. But yeah a spittoon could be fun.. as long as I don't have to clean it..

  5. Where does one find a spitoon these days?

  6. Naw just be yourselves and don't breath through your nose.

  7. Funny post! But, I'm not commenting on this one!


  8. We have super sensitive sniffers in our home. No action Jackson until all mouths have been scoured. As far as 69, We don't even want our you-know-whats contaminated with even the mildest MB.

  9. I don't worry about morning breath... John smells way better than my ex did in the morning!

    and you can get a spitoon at a cigar shop!

  10. Morning kisses are oh so sexy, but MB is not; therefore a trip to the sink with a quick dance with mr toothbrush is always in order:)

    Great post
    Sassy Chica

  11. I use those Liseterine strips and they work great. Just make sure no oral sex while they're still powerful or someone is going to be a burning.

  12. Keep a cookie by the bed.

    Nibble the cookie, nibble the dude, nibble the cookie, nibble the dude...

  13. I left an award for you. Cum 'n get it. Whenever you like. :) PS-I think Listerine strips on morning breath may be equivalent to taking a dump and spraying cologne. Yuck.

  14. I just kiss. I am so thankful to have someone to kiss this week that I do not care. She even said I don't hace horrendous morning breath. It was the sweetest thing ever. And since the previous kissing partner I had preferred to not EVER kiss with tongue - that was an easy one to work around. But seriously....who doesn't EVER want to kiss with tongue. SHEESH! I am so much better off now.