Saturday, January 9, 2010

Should I be paranoid?

I have a family member who is making me semi paranoid

about blogging

should I change everything and start using a pseudonym?

avoid using William’s name or give him a cute nickname?

call my kids boy1, boy2, and little girl?

Actually, I love blogs where all the family members have cool names. But I can’t think of anything better than Lynn, William, Ashton, Brice and Cassidy (or Cassy – real original nickname, right?)

This family member (okay, it’s my brother-in-law) See? Did you see that? I can’t do mysterious!

My brother-in-law claims it could be damaging to my children someday if they google my name and discover that I actually have s3x with their father in the pantry of all places (and many other places).

But here’s my thinking. I’ve been on the internet for eons --- really, my first email with yahoo had a 4 digit numeric password --- and I have NEVER googled my mother’s name.

Have you?

Do it right now. Google your mother’s name and see if it comes back with anything scandalous. And PLEASE let me know!


  1. I checked. Someone using the same name as my mother is perpetrating a sweepstakes fraud in Canada. Her name is not common, I was surprised how much came up. So if they do find anything you can always claim it was someone else!

  2. People worry way too much! I have my phone number on my blog! My real name appears in my emails. Unless you are some corporate bigwig, I don't think that you need to be concerned. Now Social Security numbers would be another issue.

  3. I'm not Google-able but our son is. I don't use our real names but my blog is kind of my photo album and I do have pictures of us there. I speak my mind most of the time on my blog so when I did the post about our son's golf coach (wish I could strike that!) I mean bus driver, I had our son read it first because there's a good chance that he will be famous one of these days in the near future and I wanted to know what he thought about it. He gave me the okay to post it but I get paranoid sometimes too. Lucky for me, no one in my family cares about my blog(s) and only a couple of my closest friends know about them.
    Personally, I think that a good, healthy marriage involves the couple having sex. My guess is that most marriages end when couples stop having sex. Kids don't need all the details but they need to understand that you had a bond with each other before they were even born and couples need to spend time with each other and LOVE each other... Even in the pantry, sometimes! ;)

    If your kids grow up and find out that you had sex with your husband, while they were young, I think you'll be okay and they will understand.


    P.S. Hi Brother-In-Law!!

  4. Mom of the PG - at least you knew it wasn't her!

    Otin - send me that SSN (I won't post it!)

    Green-Eyed - ur comments always ring true! (Blog posts too) So cool about ur son!

  5. Nothing scandalous showed up about my mom, but I found a lady with her same name in a nearby town and one out in CA.

    Don't worry about your kids someday reading this, you don't write anything too crazy. Oh and how nice of your BIL to give you parenting advice.

  6. Hmm I am surprised at how many people share her name - I thought is was quite original! But not even a blip...shame I was looking forward to finding something I can bribe her with!!

    If I saw my mum was god forbid having sex while I was a kid I would think that was pretty cool! Having a shit marriage - Not Cool!!

  7. Personally I don't like using too much identifying info when it comes to names and locations. I don't want to "be found" by anyone who might know me or my family. But that's just me. As for your kids, they will probably think it's a hoot to find your blog one day when they are older. I doubt they will google you before they are old enough to understand because just like all kids, they don't think there's ANYTHING interesting or scandalous to find out about mom and dad, lol. They just think we're boring old people.

  8. eewwhh. i can't beleive i did it. i was near certain i would uncover some formal announcement of my female progenitor's certifiable insanity...not the fun kind. being paranoid is unnecesary, maybe just aware that your boys and or their peers may one day find your blog. since i am not always kind or postive in my posts, i avoid naming my husband and children. i am always kind and positive about them, but as a rule, not to all people, with whom i share blood with.

  9. I don't know...I just saw this blog called Everyone
    You can be completely anonymous. Wanna hear the stupidest crap ever???
    I JUST, JUST figured out what the hell S 3 (Three is how I was reading it) X in the pantry meant. OMG. Shoot me now.

  10. Don't worry your kids will be grossed out no matter what or where you do it or anything else. I googled my Mom and nothing but a church bulletin with her name boring! Happy New Year!

  11. Absolutely do not go underground. I think we take our chances with being stalked or having our identities stolen or having the Nigerians target us with Lotter windfalls every time we take a breath. So putting it all out there - real names, true facts, photos and all - is our legacy to ourselves. I think of my blog as a rambling obituary. When I go, I want only the URL to Casa Hice under my photo.

    Keep it real sistah. Sex in the pantry ain't such a bad legacy, if you want my opinion. Ha!

    PS: Just church stuff came up when I Googled my mom. BORING!

  12. No way should you be all secretive if you don't want to. I have friends that do it both ways. Me? I am allll out in the open with it. Whatever.

    Googling my mother brought up some poetry she wrote for a poetry site. Kinda cool. She has always been a writer, though, so it wasn't shocking. :-(

  13. I think they'll long as their friends never find it. :-) I give you a lot of credit for being open, honest and blunt on your blog. And, to tell you the truth, I always loved the moms of my friends who had those traits.

  14. Nope. Just a hit about when she sold her house years ago.

  15. Great. Now I have to go and do it ...

  16. eh. I wonder about making my blog more private sometimes too, but then I couldn't post pictures or be quite so open. I'll worry about it someday in the far-off future I suppose. Of course, when I go back to the classroom I'll have to be careful...

    I googled my mom. Thank goodness, nothing except her job info.