Monday, August 24, 2009

All Around the House

Kids sleeping at night is a good thing. It is good for the children –their growth and development. And it is good for parents.

So get your kids to sleep people! I don’t care how (short of drugging them or otherwise harming them).

The inspiration for this post comes from a doc-in-the-box temp. He was in our office ONE DAY. And turned everything upside down. This was when I worked at a pediatric walk-in clinic. (urgent care in some places).

Mom came in with 4 kids ages 6, 4, 2 and 10 months. The 10 month old had a developmental concern that was NOT the reason for the visit. The visit was routine – fever, ear infection something like that.

Doc did exam. I did follow up. The family was processed at the desk. And out the door.

Doc corners me and demands I phone the family to speak with them about “sleep issues.” The problem? Family bed. Doc is very concerned. “They need to stop the family bed. Call them and tell them.”

He was scientific. “Research shows it can be helpful to establish a nursing relationship in the first few weeks of life, but we’re beyond that now. The infant is ten months old.”

He was concerned. “That baby is special needs. She’ll never be independent if she sleeps with her parents.”

He was insane. “And the parents. How can the ever have s3x with all those kids in the bed? It will destroy their marriage.”

He was insistent. “Call them, Lynn. Tell them to stop the family bed.”

Let’s back up a second. How old are the kids? 6, 4, 2 & 10 months! I think these SMART parents did manage to figure out a way to have s3x. And keep having it again and again and again.

Because many of us who have children understand that there is more than one room available to romantically connect. And more surfaces besides the bed.

I’m starting a new section on s3x in the pantry “All Around the House” dedicated to all of the wonderful places in the house for romance.

You already know William and I like the pantry – what’s your favorite spot?


  1. Call me old fashion, but I like the bedroom.

  2. Oh amen that kids need to sleep (I love Dr Weissbluth), but ummm the wee ones both slept with me until six months when I didn't nurse them in the middle of the night anymore. Trust me, it all works out. Oh wait... you already do based on your reading between the lines with that family!