Friday, July 31, 2009

Simmering and Smoking

One sweet Saturday afternoon when our baby was one and the boys were 4 & 7, we employed the movie hypnosis trick that I blogged about here . Cassie was asleep. The boys were in movieland and I gave them the instructions, “Unless one of you are bleeding or the house is on fire, do not disturb Mommy and Daddy.” And I grabbed William from the kitchen and pulled him down the hall into the bedroom. And afterward we fell asleep.

It was the really good drool-a-river-out-of-your-mouth kind of daytime sleep.

Until we were interrupted by Aston knocking on our door.

I woke up in Mommy mode. “What are you doing? Is someone bleeding? Is there a fire?”

Ashton was silent. Brice got up the courage to inform us, “smoke, smoke, smoke.”

William had been cooking something up in the kitchen (before he started cooking in the bedroom) and it had burnt to a crisp, even the handles of the big pot were melted and warped.

William: It was just supposed to simmer. How long did we sleep?

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