Monday, July 27, 2009

I Lie

This is supposed to be a blog about love and life and really making the most out of your love life…but it is also about love and relationships and parenting.

And, the truth is, I lie.

I lie to William and I do it in front of the kids. (He doesn’t read this blog –thank God)

It goes like this:
William gets upset about little things (usually little things caused by little humans).
And I can’t stand them getting yelled at for virtually nothing.
So, I take the blame.

But it is stupid. Because they know I’m lying to cover for them. And, I suspect, sometimes he knows I’m lying too.

I guess I think that each bout of yelling I eliminate it will lead to a more peaceful house. It’s not like this happens all the time – sometimes a week goes by and it doesn’t happen. Other times twice in one week.

I remember when the kids were little, we decided we wouldn’t raise our voices unless it was important –so they would know a loud noise from us means danger. With everything else –teaching them language, giving them directions, we would try to be polite and respectful. They were little tiny beings, still trying to figure out the world.

But, now that they are older, we (I grouch too, not only William) raise our voices more.

Yes, kids can be frustrating. VERY VERY frustrating. But why yell about little things?
Who left the light on?
Why is the honey still sitting on the table?
I thought I said to put (whatever) away!

Why am I tripping over these toys?

So, I just say, “I did it.” “I’m sorry, it was me, I’ll clean it up.”

It is odd. Because I think I’m ‘strong woman.’ Strong Mama. But when I read over what I just wrote, I have one thought only: Am I the biggest wimp in history? Or what?

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